3 words chapter 1

                                                                                                                                                                             hello this is my first fanfic so tell me how it is :) xxx                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        you: im so cold and im a teenager im in bed and all i can think about is going on to twitter to see what’s happening with the direction boys . I rolled over practically off the bed and sighed for some strange reason i feel lonely and cold and all sad inside when i look at pictures of niall (he is my fav of course what a snowflake!) because i knew he would never be mine but i soon snapped out off it when i saw a tweet harry had posted and tagged niall <3 liam louis and zayn in it when i read it i started shaking it read listen up directioners me , niall ,louis,liam and zayn have a special comp new for 2013 its only on twitter and you must dm your entries and heres what to do : you must sing a 1D song ….. i stopped moving for a second then i read the rest ”….. and dm it us we will pick the winner tomorrow so get sending them in ohh yeah if you win we will follow you on twitter and make a special video diary ;) xx good luck from styles  OK now i have practically fainted what am i gonna do what am i gonna sing how am i going to look ! things needed to be done. 

2 hours later …….

Right hair check , makeup check , song practised (but i didn’t have to practise cuz i knew all the words ) check and guitar tuned check. Ok this is it i pressed the button the said start  DEEP BREATHS IN said i’d never leave her cuz her hand fits like my t shirt i started to sing i strummed my guitar finished the song and pressed send …… WAIT SHIT WHAT HAVE I DONE !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                NIALL POV »

IM SO BORED” i yelled to the lads “jeez niall”said harry “we are sitting right next to you” “sorry” i said and pouted the dicks said that i had to watch all the entries to this singing comp but i really REALLY its not like we gonna find anyone ….."hey guys listen to her shes pretty could "said loo "pretty good ? she is fucking mavruolls ! " i said with my eyes burning . OMG who was she she was so pretty i mean look at her face she is wow and her brown hair her blue eyes her everything »»»»>

hope you like it chapter 2 soon if you want :) xxx